New in Town

 - by midwestequine

Hello Worthington,

As you’ve guessed from my title, and possibly the unfamiliar face you see in the corner, I am not only the new reporter for the Worthington Daily Globe, but the new girl in town.

Just a little about myself, I hail from the tiny town of Lewiston, located in the far corner of south eastern Minnesota. I grew up in town, but spent most of my time on my great grandparents farm. When I turned 18, I left my sleepy farm town and moved to Buffalo, New York to attend college where I attained my bachelor’s degree in Communications. During my time in Buffalo, (in a nut shell), I converted from a Minnesota Wild fan to a Buffalo Sabres fan, ate a lot of chicken wings and bought a horse. Don’t worry, I’m a still a Minnesota Viking fan, although with their current season, maybe you should worry. Even though the city was fun and exciting I knew I wanted to come back to Minnesota. So when I got the call that I was hired as the new reporter for the Daily Globe, I loaded my car up and me and my 10 year old horse named Faith journeyed back to Minnesota.

People say the key to writing is to write what you know, well, while I can’t give you a preview of every single one of my posts, I can tell you that more than likely Faith will be featured in a lot of them. I’ve had her for over a year now, she is a rescue horse and when I first got her she was emaciated and basically left for dead. While I don’t know a lot about her past, which is still a continuing mystery that I am bound to discover, we clicked the first time I rode her.

Needless to say, an added 250 pounds and some much needed TLC,  Faith is now a spunky and quirky thoroughbred who challenges and teaches me every day. I know this blog will be filled with our adventures, since she always manages to surprise me almost every time I see her.

I’m excited to be back in Minnesota, and I’m very happy that I’m in Nobles County to see what Worthington has in store for me.

Erin & Faith

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