Two Homesick

 - by midwestequine

I always have been and will be a proud Minnesotan. Even when I attended college in Buffalo I was always very proud to say that I was from Minnesota – and when I did say that, shocked at how many New Yorker’s had no clue where Minnesota was.

Most would even say that I was very eager to get back to the land of 10,000 lakes because I was often – truth be told – homesick.

So, when I finally was able to return I couldn’t wait to get back to my family, friends and honestly a break from the hustle and bustle.

Now living in Worthington, and starting a new chapter in my life in a new town, but back in my home state, has caused me to reflect on the previous chapter. Lately, a tiny sliver of me is starting to miss good ole B-Lo (yes people from Buffalo call it B-Lo)

When I was a college student living in the city there was always something new and exciting downtown, I was minutes away from the First Niagara Center and attended Buffalo Sabres game regularly and Jacobi’s Pizza was just a phone call away. Which in my opinion is the best pizza in the city, but if anyone from Buffalo reads this, that statement could cause a war.

When I graduated, I moved a little north of Buffalo to a smaller town called Youngstown, which felt a lot more like home; and was one of the reasons why I moved out of the city.

In Youngstown, I was minutes away from Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario and two hours from Toronto. I worked not only part time at a newspaper, but I was a barn manager and helped over-see about 40 horses, including Faith. I met so many different kinds of people and had experiences I never would have had if I didn’t leave my tiny town of Lewiston.

Even though I’m more than thrilled that I’m back in my home state, I think a part of me will always be a New Yorker.



Minutes away from Niagara Falls

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