Turkey Tradition

 - by midwestequine

Tradition, this is defined as the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation.

For Thanksgiving in the Trester household it means a 28 pound turkey, a 10 pound ham, venison, bison, and elk meat, and of course wine…lots of wine.

This year, I was definitely thankful that I did not have to hop on a plane to get home for the holiday season, but I was also thankful for tradition.

Every year before our Thanksgiving feast my mother makes tons of horderves. Cookies, candies, meat and cheese tray, vegetables, almost anything you can think of. Basically, we have a meal before the really big meal.

So, when I walked downstairs at 8:00 a.m. it was no surprise that I would see my mother baking away – since 5:00 a.m., but this year I saw her making these huge turkey cookies. The kind you would see on the cover of those baking magazines.

Once my mom saw me she immediately “volunteered” me to join in and help and then I too was decorating these turkey cookies.

Once I got the hang of things the cookies I was decorating started looking like the ones my mom already finished.

It was nice to help out even if it was just with decorating. I always love visiting with my mom and to once

again be a part of our Thanksgiving tradition. They are traditions that I know I will pass on when it’s my turn to make the Thanksgiving meal one day.

Although my mom goes just a little overboard with Thanksgiving, I think she knows we all would be disappointed if it wasn’t just as over the top as the year before.

Oh, and even though the cookies were too cute to eat…they were delicious.

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