Bright Side of Crime Reporting

 - by midwestequine

Being the crime reporter at the Daily Globe definitely has its ups and downs.

It’s always exciting to hear a call over the scanner and race down to scene, but it’s also tough reading and writing stories that involve more serious and violent crimes.

However, Wednesday morning I was covering an event on the lighter side of my crime reporting duties. The Minnesota Cornerstone Drug Court hosted its first graduation ceremony, for a young woman named Beatriz, who is the first to graduate from the drug court program.

Two years ago, she was facing 4th and 2nd degree criminal controlled substance charges – today she is 830 days sober and is enrolled at Minnesota West here in Worthington.

During the ceremony, over 20 participants were called up and announced how long they have been sober, and they each gave an update about themselves and how their treatment is going. It was remarkable to hear each and every one of their stories and how they have been doing since their charges or convictions – it seemed as though this program completely changed their life.

Towards the end of the ceremony Beatriz was recognized for her accomplishments, and officially graduated from drug court. It was very touching to hear the judge; a couple of her counselors and even her father speak on how proud they were of her, and how much she has grown.

Crime reporting isn’t always easy or that fun to write about sometimes, but today I was happy to be sitting in the court room for such a happy and celebratory occasion.

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