Embrace change in 2014

 - by midwestequine

I have now been a Worthington resident for about three months, and my thoroughbred Faith, who made the move with me, has been at her new home in Baltic, S.D., for about the same amount of time.

Unfortunately, I have accepted the move a lot easier than she has. Lately, she has been angry, and acting out because of it. I always say horses are like children; they’re very emotional and need a lot of attention.

Who could blame her for being angry? I did take her away from our previous home in New York, where she was comfortable and happy.

Despite my best efforts of trying to get her adjusted to her new home, I can tell it’s going to be a long process.

Now that the New Year is here, Faith’s recent attitude has got me thinking about acceptance and change in 2014.

With the New Year comes change, some willing and some unexpected. The main thing I have learned is to take those changes head on, and embrace them.

Let the New Year changes take you where they may. After all, this is page nine of 365; make sure you write a year worth sharing.

As for Faith, we’ll keep working on embracing the change in her life – little trickier with a horse.

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