Child vs. Horse

 - by midwestequine

I’m fairly used to people asking about Faith, my 10 year old thoroughbred; most of the time people ask how she is doing before how I’m doing.

I take it all in stride though, it is partly my fault since I refer to her as my kid, but I figure she has tantrums like one, eats like one and definitely costs just about as much as one. So, I think it’s a fair assessment.

Anyway I’m happy to report that she is doing much better, and I think is getting adjusted to her new Midwest home.

On my Tuesday night visit she was particularly in good spirits, and I even saw her eating hay with the other horses.

I now have some knowledge of what it feels like for parents who move and have to transfer their kids to a new school and hope they make friends.

The first words out of mouth were, “Faith, you made a friend!” Of course I was talking to a bunch of horses that just looked up at me briefly before continuing to eat, but needless to say I was happy that she is finally being included in the herd.

When I brought her into the barn she made no fuss about grooming, and even let me pick up her feet to clean them.

Since we’ve moved her not letting me pick up her feet has always been tell-tale sign that she was mad at me.

That may sound strange to some people.

How would she know if a horse is mad at her because it doesn’t want to pick its feet?

For one, before we moved she always let me, I never had a problem with this, but what really confirmed my suspicion was how she acted with the farrier.

For those who don’t know what a farrier is, it’s a person who specializes in treating and trimming horse’s hooves.

I was continually being told by the farrier that Faith is just “perfect” and she stands and lifts up her hooves like an “angel.”

She has hardly been acting like an angel for me, but as they always say about kids, they’re always nice to strangers and save the bad attitude for mom.

However, on my Tuesday visit there may have been some angel like behavior.

So for her especially good behavior I of course rewarded her with some treats, and even an apple. I can’t say enough how much Faith loves apples.

I’m hoping Faith is finally adjusted to her new home, or maybe it was the apple, either way I’m happy about the new attitude.


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