Quit complaining

 - by midwestequine

Unfortunately as reporters sometimes we have to be the bearer of bad news.

Lately, the bad news has been the weather, with bone chilling temperatures and snow falling at least every other day.

Trust me when I say, we are just as tired reporting it just as much as you are hearing it. It feels like this winter weather will never let up.

However, my spirits were brightened when a woman from Brewster gave me a call to simply tell everyone to quit complaining, because there had definitely been worse winters than the one we’re experiencing this year.

This woman informed me that while going through old boxes she came across clippings from the Daily Globe dating back to the 1800’s

These clippings weren’t just at random, they were all articles about blizzards that have happened spanning from the late 1800’s all the way up to the 1990’s.

For example, the blizzard of 1936 lasted for six weeks, with snowfall ranging from two to four inches, with restricted visibility and slippery roads.

The Armistice Day blizzard, occurring in 1940, was a two-day blizzard resulting in snow accumulation up to 27 inches in some areas, winds of 50 to 80 mph and 20 foot snow drifts.

The Armistice Day blizzard ranks number two in Minnesota’s list of top-5 weather events of the 20th century.

A blizzard that struck southwest Minnesota in March in 1870 also made headlines with up to 16 inches of snowfall hitting the area.

It was very refreshing to hear that this definitely isn’t the worst southwest Minnesota has seen, and that if others can make it through tough weather, so can we.

Hopefully our winter woes won’t extend into March, but I think if anyone can handle bad weather, it’s us.

I mean c’mon, we’re Minnesotans, we got this.

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