Spring is shedding

 - by midwestequine

I think everyone has their certain telltale signs about when spring will arrive.

Sometimes it’s seeing that first blade of grass pop up out of the snow, for others it might be the slight rise in temperatures, but my sign is shedding.

Yes, shedding, not me personally, but my horse.

As an equestrian, and if there are others like me out there who read this will know, you can always tell when spring is upon us when clumps of hair start to fall while grooming your horse.

All winter long we wait for the day when our furry friends start to shed that winter coat.

As for my horse Faith, this is furriest she’s ever been, so much so that her bridle doesn’t fit over her head, and her saddle is a bit tighter than usual, but the colder it is, the furrier they get.

I compare it to the whole Groundhog Day rule; you know if a groundhog sees his shadow, we’ll have six more weeks of winter.

Well, for me, as long as Faith isn’t shedding then I know that spring isn’t coming yet.

Luckily, the other day when I was grooming her, she was starting to shed that winter coat, and other people at the barn were also saying that their horses have been shedding as well.

Now, I don’t know if this is a legitimate sign if spring is coming, but I figure it’s just as promising as what the weather man says.

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