To selfie or not to selfie

 - by midwestequine

Here at the Daily Globe office, we tend to strike up interesting conversations among ourselves.

        It’s usually about local news or even interesting topics that are in the national news, but Wednesday’s topic of conversation happened to stray from the usual and landed on pictures, and not just any pictures, but ‘selfies’.

For those who have not heard of the infamous selfie, these are photos that you take, normally with a cell phone, of yourself or with a group of friends, but they must be taken by you, otherwise they’re not considered a selfie.

You can usually find selfies plastered all over Facebook or any other social media website, and yes I’ll admit I am a taker of selfies.

In attribute to this popular trend, there is now a song on the radio called ‘The Selfie Song’, yes it’s real, and in my opinion, garbage.

It makes that other trendy song ‘The Fox Song’, look like a Grammy award winning musical production.

This conversation first got started when our Community Content Coordinator, Aaron Hagen, asked me if I had heard the song, and being a happening twenty-something, of course I’ve heard it.

This sparked a few conversations, first off, how could a song like this make it to the airwaves?

In all fairness, I believe Hagen was more disappointed that ‘The Fox Song’ was never played on the radio, so I think there was a little bias on his part.

Another popular remark was, “What is wrong with American society?” or “What is wrong with today’s generation?”

I’ll admit some of our generation’s ideas are not all winners. We’ll take responsibility for twerking, Justin Bieber and the term ‘swag’ but selfies, in my opinion, are harmless.

Studies have shown that taking selfies actually has improved, especially girls’, self-esteem. If someone takes a picture of themselves that they think they look good in and post it to a social media site then I see no issue. If it boosts your confidence, then I say go for it.

However, I will take this time to apologize for the awful selfie song. Just because I agree with the act, does not mean I agree with the song, but I’ll let you be the judge.

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