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Normally my blog is full of laughs or just my random ramblings, but for this edition I’m taking a more serious approach, so bear with me.

Over the weekend, like many of you, read about the 15 dead horses discovered on a farm in Reading.

I’m sure many people were just as upset as I was, but as a horse owner, it hit close to home because Faith (my horse) was a rescue and she too was discovered on a farm emaciated and very ill.

I can’t attest as to why these horses were not given the proper care, but I can tell you the reality of being a horse owner, and some of the possible reasons why things like this happen.

The reality is: It’s expensive, and most people think they can handle it, realizing later that they can’t.

Just like with any type of farming the cost is stressful.

I realize horse ranches or owners get over looked a lot, and not considered a true farmer, but the truth is we put in the time, money and effort just like everyone else.

For an individual to even just own one horse it costs about $318 a month, and that’s just your standard one horse, if you have your own property and don’t have to board, one 130 pound bale of hay, trimming by a farrier, and basic health care.

However if you board a horse and don’t have the luxury of owning land, your price could be in the thousands each month, and many other factors make that cost go up.

Education is key.

For example, when I purchased Faith I was responsible for putting weight back on her.

I fed her twice a day, with a weight gain supplement (another added cost), and when she wasn’t eating grain she was put in a pasture to eat hay all day she did that for about six months.

It took about nine months for Faith to weigh the proper amount, and she gained roughly over 250 pounds from when I first bought her.

My rant will conclude with, before you or anyone you know is looking into buying a horse/s, educate yourself on the cost, time and work that goes into it.

If you can afford it and have the time, being a horse owner is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have.



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