New Home

 - by midwestequine

After many months of searching, and even placing an ad in the Daily Globe, I finally found a new home for my thoroughbred Faith that is only a couple miles outside of Worthington so I can now see her every day.

I think Faith will be much happier in her home, as she will be a more spoiled horse than ever before.

She will have a large 12 x 12 foot stall all to herself, as well as her own pasture to graze on that she doesn’t have to share with anyone else, talk about one lucky horse.

We haven’t made the move quite yet, but the planning is in the works.

Right now I’m just happy that I will finally be able to be with her every day, and I won’t have to drive over an hour anymore to see her.

I also wanted to thank everyone who reached out to me in offering Faith a new home. I was really surprised at how many calls I got once I put the ad in the paper, but I appreciated every one of them.

Even though I’m not a Worthington or Nobles County native, I was very touched by how many called and said they had an open stall available, and would be more than happy to take Faith in.

I know how tough and expensive it is for people with horses to take another one in, so I thank everyone that called and was willing to do that.

Right now, I am working on getting her tack moved over to the new place, which is almost as exhausting as hauling a horse due to the fact that I think she has more stuff than I do.

As always I will keep everyone updated on Faith’s journey from South Dakota to Minnesota, I think she will transition a lot better to her new home since it’s a smaller farm, but time will tell.

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