Back on the trails

 - by midwestequine

After a month of dealing with thrush in her hoof, I finally got the all-clear to start riding my horse, Faith, again last weekend.

About a month ago, Faith was diagnosed with thrush, which is a common bacterial infection that occurs in what is known as the “frog” portion of the hoof. It is caused by wet and muddy conditions, so she likely developed the bacteria during the unforgettable rainy season the area saw more than a month ago.

Last weekend I was anxiously waiting for the farrier to trim up her hooves and tell me her prognosis. For the past month I have been diligently applying — and all you horse owners will get this one — the lovely smelling copper tox on her infected hoof and wrapping it. This may not sound like a daunting task, but when your horse is not used to her hoof being entirely wrapped, she gets a little impatient, to say the least.

Although the farrier told me I could ride her while she had thrush, it had to be very easy riding and on soft ground. Being the paranoid “mom” that I am, Faith basically got a month-long vacation, including very light exercise and hay … lots and lots of hay.

Unfortunately for Faith, the vacation ended on Friday when we did some arena work and light trail riding. Judging by the way her ears were pinned back, she was not very happy when she saw me get out her saddle, but once we rode around for a half hour or so and started on the trails, she was back to her old self.

While I have enjoyed summer, I’m much looking forward to less humid days to trail ride with Faith. Riding is much more fun when your horse isn’t biting herself and kicking out to keep the flies and other insects away.

Faith is just going to have to get used to vacation time being over, because I’ll be trail riding a lot more these next few months.

Faith has quite a personality, so I’m sure there will be more fun and interesting stories to tell along the way. Stay tuned.

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